The word “columbarium” is derived from “columba”, the Latin for dovecote, a compartmented house where doves, the symbol of God’s Spirit and Peace, come to roost. In modern terms, a columbarium is a consecrated structure used for the inurnment of the deceased ashes after cremation.


The Columbarium serves as an appropriate place for earthly remains of any of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church parishioner and their eligible family members. Members of other Parishes that are current,   active, contributing, registered members of area Catholic Churches may purchase a niche as well.


There seems to be no more fitting place for the remains of a Christian than a columbarium within his or her church. Set in the peaceful surrounding of the church structure, it is also a place for quiet meditation and prayer. The Columbarium will be located on the grounds of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church next to the Rectory.

Pre-Sale and information is now available for the Columbarium.  Click on the Information below to help you as you make your decision

  • Columbarium Brochure

  • Columbarium FAQ's

  • Columbarium Contract

  • Policies and Procedures

Columbarium Preliminary Design (07-17-19
Columbarium Preliminary Design (07-17-19

Columbarium Site


  • Phase I:  The Columbarium Committee developed initial plans and path forward to include finance, eligibility, contract,  and FAQs.

  • Phase II:  The Columbarium Committee presented the Columbarium plan to the Diocese & received initial approval to move forward

  • Phase III: The Committee developed a project plan, brochure, and registration procedures/forms.

  • Phase IV: Inform the Parish and begin taking reservations


  • Phase V: Prepare the Columbarium plat & Install initial module(s).

  • Phase VI: Begin Columbarium Operations /Sustain

Columbarium Committee Members

•Father Bryan

•Greg Thompson

•Damian Bianca

•John Shrontz

•Richard White

•Steve Ryder

•Arlene McCormick

•Betty Ryan