Those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation are required to have three years of active participation in the Parish School of Religion (Grades 6, 7 and 8) or have attended a Catholic School or an approved Catholic Home School program. 


Confirmation I occurs usually during a student’s 9th-grade year an includes You: Theology of the Body, a chastity education program mandated by the Diocese of Birmingham as a part of the Confirmation preparation process.  A process of discernment takes place during Confirmation II, during the student’s 10th-grade year, with Confirmation usually scheduled in the spring of the 10th-grade year. 


The following is St John’s roadmap for preparing for the Sacrament for Confirmation and applies to all candidates.


1. Baptismal Certificate

Submit copy if not baptized at St John’s to the Office of Religious Education.

2. Mass Attendance

Student candidate is expected to attend Mass with family or friends each weekend.

3. Attend Confirmation Prep Sessions

The student candidate will all attend 19 confirmation prep sessions each year.

4. Choose a Sponsor and a Saint Name

Student candidate should choose a sponsor (other than a parent) that is a Confirmed Catholic and has an active faith life. This should be someone that is supportive, will discuss faith, and pray for the teen.

The student candidate should pick a canonized Saint who shares some of the things they are interested in, passionate about, identify with or desire to emulate.

5. Attend Parent or Sponsor/ Candidate Faith Sharing Session (Year 2 candidates only)

6. Service

Complete a total of 20 service hours over the two year period. Must document and submit using St John’s service hour form.


These requirements provide opportunities for those seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation to

prayerfully reflect on the graces of the ever-deepening relationship of love for God and neighbor and the mission of the church. We partner with you and hope to engage and inspire a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and accompany them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.


Guided by church requirements and our mission to nurture a personal relationship with Christ and the Church, St John’s Confirmation Program is a 2-year program. Emphasis is placed on sharing our gifts from God and the call to lead and change the world by our faith (Acts 1:8). Our goal in preparing teens for the Sacrament of Confirmation is to equip them with knowledge of the faith and ignite in them, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a fire to share the faith.