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Chair - Greg Havo
Phone: 256-777-0481

Providing for the proper care of our church home such that it’s worthy to be called the home of Christ.

Building Future Committee

John Shrontz, 256-971-1363

The mission of the Building Committee is to advise the Pastor and work with the architect and, where empowered, construction contractors in designing and building facilities and capital improvements that meet the current and projected needs of the St. John’s community.

Landscape Committee

Knights of Columbus, Mike Delmas, 256-457-1477, mrdelmas "at"

The mission of the Landscape Committee is to design, plant, and maintain trees, shrubs, lawns, and flowering plants that beautify the St. John’s campus while also minimizing the requirement for continuous, intensive upkeep

Facility Maintenance

Frank Bliske, 330-610-0295, fbliske "at"

The mission of the Maintenance Committee is to maintain the buildings and real property/equipment using an appropriate blend of talented volunteers and qualified, responsive contracted services.


Joshua Laurita, 256-777-3600

Security Planning and execution of parish-wide safety and security policies.

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