Coordinator of Parish Ministries - Danny Garcia

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Corona virus has brought many challenges to our parish, but it has not stopped the way we continue to serve others in our community. As Jesus reminds us that he is the vine and we are the branches, and it is the branches through which nourishment enlivens the vine, so it is with our parish ministries and organizations.

There are many ministries and organizations by which our parish is enriched – some of which require occasional participation, and others which entail regular service. Your involvement in one of these ministries and organizations will not only enrich your life, but it will also vitalize the communion of faith we enjoy here at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Madison.

Every Catholic is called to be involved in the ministry and service of Christ to others. The ministries of the parish are not the only ways we serve Christ, but the parish gives witness to who Christ is and how His followers are to live in this world. 

We invite you to take an opportunity and reflect on the person created you to be and the gifts that you have been given to share and tap into the wealth of our parish!

We are always looking for Volunteers.  If you feel called to serve in one of these important ministries, please contact the Lead listed.

When visiting our website you will see the Volunteer box next to numerous ministries where your time and talent are especially needed.  A brief description and contact will be in the information section.