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Coordinator of Parish Ministries - Danny Garcia

256-722-7929 x102

  dgarcia "at" 

The COVID-19 virus brought many challenges to our parish, but it did not stop us from continuing to swerve others in our community.  Jesus reminds us that he is the vine, and we are the branches. Our parish ministries are the branches of St. John's that reaches out to the community. We ask you to Renew your faith, refuel your spirit, and reconnect by joining a parish ministry.

We invite you to reflect on the gifts that God has given you. Our ministries are a great opportunity to reconnect as a parish and share your gifts. As we seek to share the message of the Gospel with our community, we can use time and talent to be an authentic witnesses of Christ to others in our world.

There are may ways to share your time and talent at St. John's! 

We invite you to look through our ministry guide book. We encourage you to try any ministry that appeals to you to find how you can best serve the Parish Community. We ask everyone to complete a new or updated time and talent form and return it to the Parish Office. 

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We are always looking for Volunteers.  If you feel called to serve in one of these important ministries, please contact the Lead listed.

When visiting our website you will see the Volunteer box next to numerous ministries where your time and talent are especially needed.  A brief description and contact will be in the information section.

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